3 Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White While Enjoying Red Wine

There’s nothing quite like having magnificent red wine. It can be a truly enjoyable experience whether you’re sampling multiple wines or just savoring a glass of your favorite label with someone special at home. However, if you aren’t careful, red wine can lead to visible stains on your teeth. How can you continue to indulge in red wine without affecting your smile’s appearance? Follow these three tips.

Tip #1: Drink Sips of Water

This beverage has no coloration, no sugar, and no strong taste, making it advantageous for your mouth. In fact, taking sips of cold water is a great way to cleanse the palate throughout a wine tasting or just while enjoying wine with your meal. Water also has the added benefit of rinsing your teeth after a red wine, helping you keep your pearly whites brilliant!

Tip #2: Brush and Floss Your Teeth When You Get Home

After you’ve enjoyed a delicious meal with friends, a romantic evening with your partner, or an insightful wine tasting, it’s time to return to real life, which includes basic dental maintenance. When you get home, make sure you brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. These habits can remove superficial stains and take away that potentially red or yellow tint on your teeth.

Tip #3: Whiten Your Teeth through Your Dentist

Over the course of several years, your teeth are exposed to more than just red wine. After exposure to tomato sauce, coffee, tea, soy sauce, and much more, your teeth can look dull or yellow even with diligent daily oral hygiene. That’s when you need a professional! Your dentist can provide powerful whitening treatments that brighten your smile by up to 10 shades. You can’t get those kinds of results from a kit at the store.

Ultimately, fear of having discolored teeth shouldn’t keep you from enjoying amazing experiences in life. If you do these things, you can easily create new memories and sip your favorite red wine without worrying about the brilliance of your smile.

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